Are You Aware Of The Benefits Of Using Electric Cars

Electric car commercials are all over the place and any time you turn on your Television. We’re discussing electric cars that use 100% electricity not the hybrids which you can find all over the place nowadays. About 20 years ago this was something which was a science fiction fantasy, but now this is something that is true reality. At this point in time you are only going to find a few companies which are actually building these cars. Here we hope to explain to you a couple of the benefits and also disadvantages of having an electric car.

One of the clear benefits of driving an electric car would be the fact that you’ll not have to stop at the gasoline stations to fill up. And due to the cost of gas these days getting up to $4.00 per gallon this can in addition mean some enormous savings for you. In fact if you are one of the folks who spend about $60.00 in order to fill up their gas tanks, and you have to do this every week, you are going to end up saving over $3000 each and every year by utilizing an electrical car instead of a car that runs on gas. You’ll not only be able to improve your everyday life with an extra $3000 each year, but you will also love the fact that you will not need to stop at gas stations any longer.

You will also end up decreasing the pollution developed every day to the planet by not burning standard fuels in your vehicle. What this means is that not only will you not be reducing pollution on account of the exhaust of your vehicle, but you are going to also not be contributing to the big oil organizations. The pollution of our world is something that is incredibly serious and anything you can do to help reduce this will be useful.

I am sure you have realize that anytime new technology enters the marketplace there will always be drawbacks. The only downside I can think of would be the fact that these electric cars have a limited driving distance of approximately 100 miles. Even though some individuals may see this as a disadvantage other folks who only use their vehicle for traveling to work do not see this as a downside. But you will find other folks who have an issue with this if they wish to take their vehicles on long trips. This of course also means that traveling across the nation in this vehicle would be incredibly difficult.

If you’re looking to save cash on gas and also help our world of the same time and electric car can be a great option. Obviously the price of these vehicles are far more expensive than you would wind up paying for standard gas powered vehicle, but the money you save makes it worth your while. Within 10 years you are going to actually be able to pay for one of these vehicles just by using the fuel savings that you are going to be earning. When you take into account the advantages and the one disadvantage of this type of vehicle you’re going to realize that it’s well worth the investment.

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