Automobile Accidents in LV

The “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, with its border of flashing and chasing yellow lights, crowned with a red star, is not located at the entrance to the city of Las Vegas. It hangs on two posts approximately 4 miles south of the actual city limits, in the unincorporated urban area of Paradise.

Statistics reveal an increase in Las Vegas traffic, an increase in Las Vegas traffic accidents, and an increase in the number of causes responsible for accidents, for example-text messaging. At the same time, there has also been an increase in preparation by local authorities responsible for public traffic safety, but it is up to individuals to protect themselves, as much as possible.

Regardless of age, experience, and carefulness, any driver or pedestrian can be a victim of another driver. Recently, the reigning Miss Nevada was seriously injured when driving her car on Interstate 15. A casino tour bus attempted an illegal U-turn in front of her car. Her car was traveling about 75 mph when the bus crashed into her. It took 8 weeks to go from being bedridden to a wheelchair. Like everywhere else in the country, tour buses, automobiles, and motorcycles share the road with semi trucks.

On June 17, 2011, the Las Vegas fire Department simulated a semi truck accident in order to help prepare firemen and rescue workers to save as many lives as possible should an unpredictable semi truck and multiple car accident occur. The rescue workers trained with wenches, the Jaws of Life, and a specialized truck capable of lifting 60 tons off the ground.

With an increase in drinking, a decrease in sleeping, and unfamiliar traffic patterns, inattentive drivers can alter their future and the future of others in a blink of an eye. Las Vegas also has many distractions for drivers. While the lights of hotels and casinos draw the attention of drivers, particularly at night, other things like eating, putting on makeup, disciplining of children in the backseat, entering text in cell phone, or listening to voice messages from home can easily distract drivers.

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