Chopper: The Customized Bobber Project

Jaimie Kangas, holds and drives this very clean rigorous body Sportster, custom-built for her by her partner from Twisted Choppers, Jason. Twisted Choppers is an expert in Twisted Chopper-style motorcycles. This is only Jaimie’s 2nd tailor made motorbike, her first was a radically raked rigid motorbike, which was also built by her husband.

This custom motorcycle is entirely completely different from Jaimie’s very first unit. It has much more of a classic race appearance to it, as opposed to a standard raked and pulled street bike look. Jaimie wished a tailor made motorbike that is smaller and lighter so that it would meet her driving technique and would remain comfortable to ride.

A 2001 H-D XL 1200 was bought as a donor motorcycle for the project and although it had been a complete and really good motorbike, it was quickly torn apart. The body was chopped and tailored to accept a tailored hard-tail set up. These kits include all the parts and components for converting any Harley Sportster into a sturdy body motorbike.

Also included from the package is a tailor made oil tank, rear end fender, seat, and a custom made battery power compartment. So obviously, once Jason had the frame welded back together together with the remaining elements on, there was clearly very little left of the primary donor motorcycle other than the drive-train and front frame section. The exhaust , saddle and mounts, and handle bars amongst other things were all made by hand for this motorbike. And at the start, Jason built a springer front-end for the particular length needed to keep up with the desired ride height to meet Jaimie’s specs.

When asked what was probably the most challenging part of the build, she responded, “Having Jason to finish the motorcycle! The whole project began as my second customized bike, so it retained having placed on reserve, having a back seat to other tasks within the garage. At least a year passed with little work getting done onto it.”

Jaimie ended up selling her bike during the winter season and with bike season drawing near quickly, she would like to be there without having a motorbike. So she gave Jason a kick in the pants and the build started to gain momentum and was finally finished in the spring. The motorcycle utilizes a mix of new and old pieces to acquire a basic but classic look and feel that looks excellent from every position. And with the Sportster drive-train fitted in the light-weight frame, it offers plenty of ponies for Jaimie’s daily biking pleasure.

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