Creating A Biker Holiday

Many of you have been asking me about the Biker Holiday I am creating (Hopefully it will catch on all over the World) on the Last Wednesday in June . I want to say to everyone that this is not the Anti Ride to Work Day as some have suggested, This is in the same Spirit as ride to work day!

As those that are a part of the Biker Community know all too well, every weekend during the riding season there are always a bunch of Bike events to attend. It is not a bad thing to have many events and it shows how large and tight the Biker Community is. But if you are like me sometimes the thought flashes threw your head “I want a day of riding with a few friends”, When this thought goes threw my head I usually take a day off work and ride to Montauk Point with friends.

As I heard more and more people saying things similar to what I was thinking over the years I though why not create a Biker Holiday? I picked a day that meant a lot to me and now I am going to see if the idea catches on ! I would like people to think about this as kind of a one day Bike Week.

I will be running the Long Island NY Route and hope as the years go by others will set up Forget Work Lets Ride Days in their States or area’s. If you are on Long Island you are welcome to meet up and ride with us or if you want to ride in a small group that is cool too. I recommended that everyone take Route 27 as it goes all the way from Queens Nassau border to Montauk , This way anyone who is Riding alone can join in with others as they come across them. I would like to see everyone in Montauk at around 1;30PM or sooner for Lunch. Those who might choose to ride with me, We will be taking a detour from Rt27 and Riding threw Sag Harbor then back to RT 27 as that was the route my late Bro Big Tom Showed me on the original Forget Work Lets Ride Day. Sag Harbor is one of the most incredibly beautiful areas to ride on Long Island.

There are many Things to do in Montauk NY. Many of us do an annual trip to the top of the Montauk Light House. Riders are welcome to join us or do there own thing. Do an online search to find something you will enjoy.

There is an Official After Party on Long Island and Everyone is welcome to join us from 7:30pm on at SPEAKEASY – 226 Higbie Lane, West Islip, NY 11795 – There will be Food , Drinks and Live Music ! Come Share your Stories of the Day.

In Case of Rain just take the next Sunny Day off work and Ride.

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