Going Through a Flat Tire and Looking Back

The moment I laid eyes in this particular technology, I thought, “I would have though of that ingenious creation.” Most certainly, I did not. I just wish I did because I would personally be riding on a 30 inch gold-plated rim installed Road Glide all by myself down the middle of nowhere and some ice cold drink and sizzling Barbecue.

Here’s the scenario: say you have a punctured rubber miles from town. You found out that a roofing nail, drywall bolt, or any other thing dropped on the highway is the culprit. Once the puncture is located over the wheel you take the Cargol Turn & Go kit and tag the puncture area using the chalk included in the kit. You then get the long-nose pliers also in the kit and yank out the cursed object. Then you just screw the provided specialized “key” into the puncture and cut it by snapping it away when it’s inserted deep inside the rubber. The final touch would be to utilize the provided CO2 cartridge and fill the tire up and very quickly you can be back touring with no other gear, a big mess, or telephone calls to a tow company.

The package is small enough to tag along inside a coat pocket and yes it works on trucks, cars, ATVs, and pretty much any other tire that holds air. In a nutshell, noone should travel with his bike without this little innovation.

99 percent of all motorcycle mirrors are just ugly. They dangle off the handlebars just like antlers and extremely ruin the looks of a great motorbike. I personally think that for a mirror to be effective, it must be of a big enough so objects behind you can be seen and that’s why all of them are just not cool enough.

That has been the way up until Joker Machine entered the scene featuring its Viewtech CNC-machined billet convex mirrors. These mix-and-match collection of mirrors are marked up right and also comes in numerous styles of head and stem units, so regardless of the model your bike is, you can find a decent match.

Sure, the special look of these side mirrors is great, but what is the sense in having them if you cannot see just what is behind you. That’s where the convex mirror comes in. Joker Machine makes use of exclusive glass that has the widest undistorted view of any kind of mirror 3 to 4 times its size.

While using a set of Joker Machine’s side mirrors on my bike, not only could I see past either side of my shoulders without moving my head, I can view 80 percent of the traffic behind me. Immediately after several hours of use as soon as my eyes were used towards the scaled-down footprint of the side mirror, I was impressed by simply how much I can view behind me instantly.

It simply took me a single drive to find out that these mirrors will be part of all my current and future motorbikes.

To be certain about your safety, you should always replace only high quality components for your Harley Davidson like braking system, wires, z bars, harley grips, and a lot more. Bargain less-than-perfect quality items can put you in risk.

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