Harley Cross State Driving Essentials

We all know, when it comes to packing up for any long drive on your bikes, storage area is a big concern. So just imagine my exhilaration right after I ran into the JakPak, a water-proof coat that can also be transformed into a sleeping bag and then also essentially helping me clear away many large and space-consuming gear from my pack list.

Based on the web-site, the JakPak consists of a patent-pending layout that features a waterproof, fabric-ventilated jacket with an integrated shelter, insect netting, and the most important, sleeping bag. Composed of urethane nylon and polyester cloth fabric, the JakPak is available in sizes from small to XL in two-tone black, grey, and green.

I purchased the extra large which is around 3 pounds. To help assist with the weight of the jacket/sleeping bag/tent combo the JakPak has suspenders in it that easily cling into your trousers and do help take some of the weight load when taking a walk. Carrying the coat along with the sleeping bag and tent stuffed inside their particular pouches is a bit of awkward as the sleeping bag portion is like a cushion hanging out your rear and the structure of the tent is curled up in a circle in the center of your backside; really not uncomfortable, just uncommon in the beginning.

However, unless you need the tent or sleeping bag segment, each could be unzipped and removed from the jacket. The jacket has a drawstring head cover, Velcro cuffs, 3 pockets (two exterior, one interior), under arm zippers, storm flaps above the zippers and pockets to help keep the water out, and a main zipper for added venting.

Deploying the tent or sleeping bag can be a little tough initially, however, you will easily get the hang of it. I personally believe it to be easier to get the jacket on to the ground, pull the tent and sleeping bag from their pouches, then climb in it. This comes with double zippers which make it uncomplicated to get your feet out if you need to go walking around.

The tent part pops up on your head and features netting linked to it which allows you to cover most of your lower body and face. As I will agree that the JakPak is well ventilated and you won’t suffocate inside it, I still find it to be a little rigid at times and made me sweat (you’re basically enveloped in waterproof fabric) however, I do perspire quite quickly. It’s actually somewhat tricky because it also says it’s a 3 season design and style but there’s no insulation in the sleeping bag or jacket, so in case the temperatures drop, you could be in a frigid situation unless you are layered up in clothing or stuff the bag with a sheet or extra clothing, which fortunately is spacious enough to try.

Always wear a good head protection such as these motorcycle helmets

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