Harley-Davidson Tech Talks: Setting up Jaybrake and Lyndall Racing Braking System

A couple of months back we set up dual-discs with our ’10 Harley Dyna Street Bob making use of authentic Harley parts. Even though this project was an ample upgrade within the already intsalled single disc, the big boys thought we would go on it one step even further and build the best in front braking.

Using a set of Jaybrake’s J-Six Ultra Six-Piston calipers ($799.90) we’re certain that our harley-davidson would definitely achieve some stopping power. The more pistons a brake has, the better it does the job. It’s because extra pistons over the rear top of the pad carry out a extra constant stress generating increased amounts of high temperature dissipation. This diminishes acceleration much faster and reduces stopping distances.

Along with Jaybrake , we’re definitely on our way to being the king of front braking, but that wasn’t enough. Understanding that we were going to locate the best performing rotors, we picked a pair of Lyndall Racing Brake’s Phoenix Lug Drive ceramic discs ($1 ,098) that delivers an authentic technical enhancement within the stock installation. Lyndall’s rotors come with a full-floating aluminum carrier/friction ring combo available in both 420 high carbon and a working gradient proprietary metal matrix composite. The boys chose the matrix rotors because of their benefits over steel. Metal matrix is actually a material that’s built from the merging of two elements that handles more efficiently the stress of stopping over a single substance.

The main benefit of metal matrix rotors is high temperature dissipation. Less heat implies a lesser amount of friction, as soon as the binders are on, the more reduced heat produced from utilizing a composite keeps brakes from diminishing drastically. Another advantageous outcome of utilizing a metal matrix over steel is a decrease in weight of as much as 60 percent for each rotor. Because your wheel is a spinning mass, the less it weighs means the quicker acceleration and deceleration you will get.

We also picked a matching set of Lyndall Racing Red Plus pads ($119.95) instead of the factory parts from Jaybrake. Why, you ask? The Lyndall products make use of what is known as “transfer film technology.” This indicates that the pads leave behind a layer of rubbing substance around the rotor’s braking surface area, so when the brakes are used, the rubbing component is rubbing against itself therefore giving improved outcomes over the 2 dissimilar components utilized in many braking setups. A complication of the transfer film concept is that there’s no brake particles to clean up.

We moved the Dyna into our secret mechanic’s den and improved the braking system ourselves to demonstrate exactly how straightforward it is to have the best brake setup with a few bucks and just a little time.

01. We started by installing the Lyndall Rotors onto our Dyna’s OEM front rim. We utilized a lot of thread-locking compound and stiffened all the bolts to factory requirements.

02. The boys mounted the new brake pads in the Jaybrake six-pistom calipers and installed them onto the fork legs of the motorcycle, snugging the mounting bolts up to stock features to check for any sort of clearance space problem.

03. With the pad-to-rotor clearance checking out within specification, we affixed the brake lines to the Jaybrake calipers and included more fluid to the master cylinder.

04. After the brand-new braking system was bled and examined for any sort of dripping fasteners or tubes, the boys stiffened almost everything up to spec based from the service guidebook.

05. The beefed-up braking system carried out much better than we expected. So much so that all of us had to adjust our biking style to the massive amount of stopping power we gained. Nevertheless it was worth it to get such confidence aspiring “sportbike-style” braking over a 700 pound motorbike.

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