Harley Tires 101

There are several bike tires available on the market. But if you have been riding your Harley-Davidson, then you will definitely intend to ride official Harley tires-and simply not some after market knock off.

A lot of companies develop and design tires specifically to fit Harley motorcycles. The majority of the tires are made for cruising, touring, and sporting. Here are several tips for locating a pair of Harley tires perfect for your bike.

Obtain the Right Model

First thing you’ll want to do is find out exactly what type of bike you have. For example, if you are riding a cruiser, you may want to consider buying the Michelin, Commando or Macadam 50. Harley Davidson has approved this product.

The following brand can be applied on the Soft tail, Sportster, as well as the Dyna bikes. You could have your local HD dealer order the tires to suit your needs. Most of these tires are easy to steer, evacuate water, and they are a supremely comfortable ride.

Consider the Dunlop

One very popular pair of Harley Tires is the Dunlop HD K591 MT. Both company’s logos are printed on the side of the tire. This brand has a very distinctive tread pattern.

Expect to find this model as a tubeless tire; there are sizes for the rear and the front. Dunlop developed this brand for sports and racing. If you contact a dealer you will find out that it has a V speed rating.

Drive the Distance

Get the D402 for those who travel long distances on your motorbike; the D402 has been meant for touring. Today, engineers are making this tire based upon a computer generated designed structure that should make it possible for the tire to perform effectively in relation to water and also dry surfaces.

Another excellent option would be the MU85B-16 rear tire which can carry over 900 lbs and also endure speeds up to 130 mph. Identify whether you want the tubeless or tube prior to making the purchase.

It is not difficult to get the right Harley Davidson tires. Ensure you know exactly what kind of motorbike you are driving-and it makes the next move of buying an appropriate tire easy and painless.

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