How To Restore Leather Motorcycle Saddle Bags

Leather motorcycle saddlebags could be restored to their original appearance just with cleaning and conditioning them. Leather naturally absorbs liquids and softens. It just needs some moisture to maintain it shiny and soft. As saddlebags have confronted rain, road salt, pollen, dirt and debris, they’re bound to become dull and lifeless.

For restoring it, you will need two washcloths (one dry, one damp), leather cleaner, a leather conditioner, a damp sponge, chrome polish and 2 cotton towels (again one dry, one damp). You commence off by wiping any loose debris, dust or dirt using a dry washcloth. Considering the fact that it is clean from dirt, grab another damp washcloth, squirt some leather cleaner about it and start wiping it throughout the saddlebag, working on one section at a time. It should be done in circles, like waxing a car. You’ll need to do so for the complete bag, adding more leather cleaner when needed.

After the cleaning is completed, the bag should be left to dry, which may take a while. Next, consider the damp sponge and repeat everything you did with the washcloth, only on this occasion, squirt it which has a leather conditioner as an alternative to leather cleaner.

Now that the leather area of the bag is clean, only your studs are still untouched. For polishing them, take that damp cotton towel make your hand in it with the entire forefinger pointing up as well as the rest curled. Dip your forefinger inside the can of chrome polish so you just get a little polish on the towel, and start rubbing the studs with the polish in a circular motion. Place the chrome cleaner on five to six studs, just be careful the polish remains about the studs and doesn’t are exposed to the leather. Whether or not this accidentally does get smeared on the leather, then immediately wipe them back with a clean damp washcloth.

With the finishing touches, rub inside the polish with a dry cotton towel to the metal, removing the polish and leaving a shiny fresh metal. Keep doing so for every single stud on the leather motorcycle saddlebag ahead of the very last stud is shining bright.

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