Information Regarding Chassis Dyno Tuning

One can get many different diagnostic numbers off of a vehicle through the use of chassis dyno tuning. Both the aftermarket and racing industry as well as manufacturers use this equipment to test their vehicles. One can use this technology to establish numbers before working on a car as well as numbers from after the work has been performed. They help to ensure that the vehicle is not going to fail when it is being driven.

The system can provide one with many different sorts of readings. It can also alert the person if there are any problems that threaten to cause damage to the vehicle. The two most popular readings are most likely the horsepower as well as the amount of torque that the vehicle is producing. One can also use the equipment to get power out of a vehicle’s computer that is taken away at the factory for various reasons.

People that are involved in racing almost always check their vehicles by running it on one of these systems. It helps them make sure the car is performing how they want it to before they take it out onto the track. The car manufacturers also use them to ensure the vehicles are both safe and that they are able to pass different durability tests.

In many cases a baseline will be taken on a vehicle that is going to have work done to it. By getting a baseline it gives them numbers that they can compare to after they have worked on the vehicle.

From there any work to be performed is done and it is then tested again. By taking the results from the first test and comparing them to the second they can determine how much of a gain or loss in power was achieved from the work that was performed on the vehicle.

The uses of chassis dyno tuning can vary greatly. They are used by anyone from a vehicle manufacturer themselves, all the way to very serious race car teams as well.

As of late customized cars and trucks are experiencing a surge in popularity around the nation, and particularly in California. There are numerous shops to help restore them, but you need to be comfortable with the garage that services your vehicle. If you want top notch chassis dyno tuning, check out Braun’s Automotive. They offer the expertise of thirty years in business and provide high quality workmanship.

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