Keeping Your Motocross Bike In Good Condition

It’s no secret that motocross is a dirty sport, but it is also quite hardwearing on your bike and while maintaining it is something that is imperative to the performance of the bike, most people tend to ignore it until the bike breaks down in the middle of a race and they are left floundering in the mud while everyone else rides off into the distance. Maintaining your motocross bike is not a difficult task, it just requires some basic knowledge and regular attention before and after races and periodically during the racing season. Below are some tips for keeping your bike in pristine condition.

There are some checks that you must carry out every time you take your bike out for a ride, whether it is an event or a practice run. Before you get on the bike, spend a few minutes going over the most obvious areas of the bike looking for anomalies. Specific points to check are the chain, the wheels and spokes, the air filter and every visible nut and bolt on the bike. Make sure the chain is free from distortions and is well lubricated, and clean the air filter or replace it if it is looking past its best.

Some less frequent checks that you need to carry out on your motocross bike, generally only before you use the bike in an event or serious test session, are checks on the efficiency of the rotational bearings on the bike. Most motorbikes have rotational bearings connecting the swingarm and the headstem to the bike frame. These bearings come under a lot of pressure and can wear out, causing friction and possible failure. Re-packing these bearing with grease on a regular basis helps to extend the life of these bearings though they will eventually need replacing at some point. There are also bearings in the wheel assemblies which will most likely wear quicker than any other.

All 2-stroke motocross bikes sold nowadays come with a power valve system that helps to improve operating efficiency and therefore power output throughout the rev range. Due to the nature of this system, the power valves require regular maintenance to keep them running efficiently and effectively. Cleaning modern power valves is not an easy task as some can contain over 40 separate parts. If you decide to take the job on yourself, get yourself a workshop manual and do not use cleaning materials that will score or damage the aluminum surface of the power valve.

While most general maintenance is not that difficult to do for the average bike rider, a workshop manual for your motocross bike would help you get through any of the more difficult jobs. If you are having problems with your bike, there are a number of specialized internet forums that will gladly help you. It is important to drain and replace your engine oil on a regular basis depending on how frequently you ride your bike, and also change the gearbox oil frequently, but not as often as changing the engine oil.

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