Motorbike Product Evaluations: Accessories for that Adventure

Motorbike Gloves

I’m not an enthusiast of high-tech, fancy motorbike gloves. As a matter of fact, within the past decade, my best safety gloves have been a set of utilitarian, all-purpose Olympia riding gloves that come with an adjustable high glove, together with sturdy palms and knuckle pads. That’s about it! Simply speaking, they are basic motorbike gloves.

However, my journey with those durable Olympia safety gloves finally came to a close after a couple of fingertips eventually wore through. The solution was to change these with Olympia’s newest iteration, the 410 Gel Sport, that’s basically a refined release of what I have been wearing since the late 90’s. Similar characteristics include the extended gauntlet with convenient hook-and-loop adjustment and strengthened (dual-wrapping leather) in important places.

However the latest gloves are enhanced, and have silicone-based gel shock absorption within the palms for considerably improved comfort, and a unique side cut in the glove for better fit over jacket sleeves. Otherwise, the newer Olympia resembles to what I have been using, so there are no bulging composite guards over the knuckles, or articulated finger guards to encumber the trip. And although Olympia provides a similar glove with padding (4350 All Season I), there isn’t any padding within the 410 to further distance my grip from feeling the controls. To put it briefly, the 410 Gel Sport gloves would be the ideal replacement for the tired and tattered gloves that was with me for lots of memorable miles.

Motorcycle Tour Pack

Flexibility is often a important asset for motorcycle gear totes. A case ought to carry sufficient cargo, be simple and convenient to get access to, and match a variety of motorcycles. The Overnight bag from H-D is really a carrier, the one that is attached to a passenger bar or, because of its 16-1/2″x 12″x 11″ sizing, stows over or in a Tour-Pak.

The tote itself is crafted from structured 1,680-denier ballistic nylon material that maintains its form and contains a UV-resistant coating to help its black color stand up to sunlight. Reflective 3M Scotchlite lining increases nighttime visibility by other vehicles, and an built-in 190-denier, rip-stop nylon rainfall cover that tucks into among the two-zipper sided pouches helps keep your gear dry and fresh throughout foul weather conditions biking. Shaped zipper handles are easy to use despite having gloves, as well as a short nylon net inside the main compartment’s opening prevents items from dropping out when accessing your gear.

The Overnight tote includes a Spandex installation mechanism that slips on the motorcycle’s passenger bar, as well as a group of plastic-type D-rings (two on each corner) for connecting bungee cords, additionally two abbreviated, web-nylon bands permit you to cinch the Overnight case securely into the bike. I always found it better to make use of added bungee cords to avoid load shift. A big handle makes it easy to handle your tote from bike to hotel room. A detachable shoulder strap is also supplied.

Always wear a good head protection such as carbon fiber helmets

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