Motorbike Rider Concerns: The Need For Action

Opponents of motorcycle riding are very busy seeking to get rid of the liberties of street and off-highway riders. They would like to halt us from riding down streets, on public land, or perhaps your own backyards.

Enemies of motorcycling are working extra trying to take away the liberties of off-highway and street bikers. They wish to prevent us from driving along streets, on community area, or even in your own backyards.

People averse to biking would like to inform us how to live our way of life. Insurance agencies need to raise our rates and prohibit selected bike varieties for the most part.

The reality is bikers confront discrimination and the threats of discriminatory laws and regulations each day: Motorcycle-only check points, as an illustration, single out bikers, are discriminatory, and are happening nowadays. These assaults on our freedom need to halt.

Our only protection from the many provocations we encounter is the power all of us get from bonding as a group, not just as street riders of each and every stripe, but also off-highway bikers at the same time. Should there be another thing that political figures obviously know, it is power in numbers.

Many of us not long ago showed that with a landmark victory when the AMA together with its affiliates played out an important role in passing federal law that removed a wrong country wide prohibition about the selling of kids’ off-highway motor bikes and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). Not having the effort of everyone within the biking community from street motorcycle and ATV niche authorities to young riders, this triumph would not have happened.

If street and off-highway riders hadn’t joined forces to turned around this law, we would have lost an entire age group of young bikers who would some day turn into adult motorcyclists.

Attacks on the liberties of off-highway drivers affect street riders, and vice versa. When foes of motorcycle riding win wins towards one party, it offers them the energy to fight others. And several crucial matters are shared by both street and off-highway drivers, just like health insurance discrimination in which medical related plans will not include accidental injuries endured from a motor bike collision.

We’re advocating transportation representatives to get rid of the grant program that awards taxpayer funds to states with regards to establishing motorcycle-only check points. Officials say they are pulling over bikers and subjecting them to roadside check ups for the purpose of promoting safety: But if the federal government really wants to promote motorcycling protection, why not use those same funds to aid confirmed motorbike accident reduction plans, such as rider education and driver knowledge? We’ve revealed that when we stand together, we can really make a difference. This is the time for each of us to do our part to safeguard our freedoms. More members mean more political clout.

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