Motorbike Riders Purchasing More Motorcycles Suggests Survey

It’ll be interesting to check out exactly how aggressively motorbike dealerships go after our enterprise given that we’re putting out cash from our pockets again. As per the newest client satisfaction review executed by J.D. Power and Associates, we’ve been spending more money on bikes, components, and gadgets, and the overall ownership experience has improved from 2010 to 2011.

“The increase in over-all full satisfaction and the advancements in five of the 6 factors are extremely good reports to the market, in fact it is still attempting to be fully cured from the blow the economy has delivered in recent times,” stated Brent Gruber, senior manager of the powersports and commercial vehicle practice at J.D. Power and Associates. “Improving the grade of motorcycles, and also the sales and service experience, certainly positions the manufacturers as well as their dealerships effectively for industry rehabilitation.”

The case study found out that motorbike build quality improved, with 50 % of proprietors stating they’ve experienced zero issues with their new motorbike. One of the 5 issue categories examined within the study, problems with engines account for the best amount of complications experienced, even though occurrence of engine-related troubles developed slightly in last year. Problems with too much heat, strange noises, and excessive shake be the cause of 51 percent of all reported engine-related troubles. Issues with fit/finish comprised the second largest percentage of troubles, followed by issues with braking/ride.

The standard owner-reported selling price paid out in 2011 was $16,125, nearly $2,000 higher than 2 years ago. Generally, customers spent yet another $1,340 on parts and accessories and $439 on riding gear, somewhat more in comparison to 2010.

The study found out that as satisfaction accelerated, the likelihood that the owner will repurchase his motorcycle brand and recommend his brand to others also boosts.

Between owners with good levels of satisfaction, 97% said these were able to endorse their motorbike brand name to other individuals and 81 percent suggested intent to buy, once again, exactly the same brand for their next motorbike. On the other hand, between customers who were much less contented, only 43 percent say they will be ready to highly recommend their brand name to other people, and 31 percent indicate repurchase intent.

Women continue to be a force being believed with, controlling 85 % of a household spending. Convince mom to ride either on the front or back seat, and she is more than likely to give authorization to a spouse’s or child’s curiosity about riding on motorcycles. The Garage Party concept that Harley-Davidson started out 7 years ago was a increase with 1000s of women being switched on to motorcycling because local traders chose to hold these women-only “introduction to motorcycling” dealership events. I applaud the businesses that are going far above in throwing these functions. It gets people in the door who normally may not have seriously considered walking in a motorbike dealer.

A lot of women biking motorcycles reaches an all-time high; we have never witnessed this many ladies riding on the front seat of a motorcycle. The time has come for sellers to interact their present lady buyers by inviting them in for women-only classes at the dealership and insisting that their ticket in be considered a non-riding female friend. Look at the Garage Party idea and modify it to match your client base. Garage Parties are simply a biking 101 affair. That’s nice for non-riders, but think about existing riders? Holding a fundamental bike routine maintenance lesson is a way of getting existing riders in, taking a few hours at the dealer and with luck , opening their wallet. Not confident in focusing on women? Take into consideration getting your existing male client base. Ask the people in for a essential bike maintenance program.

For all street bike lovers out there, check out this cool video clip of a German motorcycle helmet engineered from top quality carbon fiber and kevlar.

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