Product Pick: Bike Rivalry

Harley and Indian’s rivalry have to be the most significant ever when it comes to bikes. Both these brands competed on the race track, in combat, in dealer showrooms, and out on the road from the time Harley managed to position a fight in the first 10 years of the 20th century all the way to Indian’s demise in the mid-1950s. The Harley-Davidson and Indian Wars by Allan Girdler is an excellent accessory for almost any bike lover’s collection as it tracks this classic war from the beginning until the end.

I think that the images and notes on them would be the most powerful parts of the book. Each and every sheet is packed with superb, original images in the past and stunning color illustrations or photos of the bikes in their renewed appearance. Every aspect of this infamous war is covered in a well-written approach that smoothly walks you throughout the years. Girdler presents delightful clues about what was going on behind the curtain at their company head office in both Springfield and Milwaukee, as well as main points happening in the public eye.

A thing I believe the book lacks is a bit more of the early competition. It undoubtedly includes it, however, not to the level that I would’ve liked. Chapter one truly does offer an excellent consideration of the bikes being built at the time and just how it came into being.

I realized another thing, although I could be absolutely wrong here, yet it seems as though the writer favors Indian a bit. When you have the book, let me know me if you get a similar impression.

Before you head out, just a friendly reminder from a biker to a fellow biker. When fitting accessories, parts or improvements just like Z bars, Harley grips, fenders, mufflers, and others, try to get the right stuff done. Purchase top quality products and get them fitted by skilled or licensed motorcycle specialists. Our motorcycles don’t come cheap and I bet you do not like cheap pieces in it. This too falls straight into your safety. Cheap products often fail easily while top notch products are created to deal with the strain the entire bike persists on long travels.

Irrespective of whether you opt for an Indian or an H-D, in the end, it’s still going to be you and your motorcycle on that road journey! So, drive risk-free and have a fulfilled ride!

To assure about your safe keeping, you should definitely mount only high grade parts for your Harley-Davidson like tires, cables, z bars, harley grips, and a lot more. Low-cost sub standard parts can put you in risk.

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