So You Want To Follow A Motorcycle Safety Course?

I live in a country where fathers are proud that their children can ride a motorcycle at eight years of age. When the beaming parent boasts about this, I always enquire of them of the cost of insuring such a young driver but the Thai answer is to smile. Their kids are not insured but if they are involved in an accident, they just hope that it will not be a serious one.

However, we all know that many motorcycle accidents are bad and that most of those concerned in motorcycle accidents are young individuals. Why would someone, a parent even, permit a child to ride a motorcycle without insurance? It is beyond me, but then, I am not a parent. I just think that it is irresponsible.

So, the first thing that a motorcyclist ought to do is take a course – a motorcyclists’ safety course, but even that will not help someone who does not have or cannot buy insurance. However, it is a very responsible thing to do to take a motorcyclists’ safety course, because you will be taught how to dress in safe clothing and how to avoid perilous situations.

The first thing to find out concerning a motorcyclists’ safety course is what it will teach you and whether you will be given a certificate for completing it. It is also helpful to know whether having such a certificate will entitle you to a discount on your insurance premium. It could well do, which will more than compensate the price of the course during your lifetime – hopefully.

A good motorcyclists’ safety course ought to teach about the components of a motorcycle, what you can reasonably expect from them and why. It would also teach you basic motorcycle maintenance and repair. After that, it ought to teach you driving skills and how to sidestep accidents.

Wearing the correct safety clothing at all times is another requirement of a good motorcyclists’ safety course. You have to realize why doing something or wearing something is important. And in essence, it is important because it can save your life and avert accidents, which can save other peoples’ lives as well.

It is mostly teenagers who ride motorcycles yet teenagers are not well-known for acting sensibly, so as a parent or a responsible teenager make certain you find out about motorcyclists’ safety course in your neighborhood.

The Internet is the obvious location to start looking for a motorcyclists’ safety course, but if you are stumped, then the local authorities, the local police station or the local accident prevention bureau will be able to put you on the correct track and so might the neighbourhood library.

You know that it makes sense so only do it, if not to keep your own child out of danger, then so that he or she does run me down whilst I am out strolling with my wife and my dog.

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