The Chopper – An American Classic And Its Chopper Parts

Nothing epitomizes American road-worthiness than a big, bad Chopper on the highway. These customized bikes epitomize all things wild and creative in the bike world. Of course it’s Easy Rider, and a chopper is usually a Harley or Indian with a few parts conveniently removed, or “chopped”. This is done in order to make the vehicle lighter, easier to maneuver and more eye-catching.

Choppers started appearing around World War II, when soldiers returning home desired lighter bikes, like the ones they had used in Europe. In order to get the desired effect, they began removing unwanted parts from their bikes back home, which resulted in the ” birth” of choppers. But as the immediate postwar years faded into the Love Generation, it was more than just parts that were chopped off these motorcycles.

Several people started customizing their bikes in order to suit their personal tastes. So there you have it – a brief history of choppers and customized chopper parts to match your every need.

The handlebars, wheels and tires, in most occasions, are the chopper parts that bike riders like to customize to their tastes. Motorcycle clubs, may they be legal ones or outlaws like the Hells Angels, prefer extended handlebars for more comfort on those extended road trips. As far as style points are concerned, it is the wheels that usually get customized. Magnesium alloy wheels are becoming more popular these days, but conventional spoke wheels still have a large following. Most people prefer the 160 and 120 spoke wheels because of their unique appearance. Another important aspect of choppers would be the tires. For an added dose of control, the front wheels are usually narrowed while the rear broadened, resulting in extra tight grip.

There are so many other chopper parts to choose from, such as front and rear brakes, fuel tanks, bike seats and body frames. These are parts that all have wide and varied possibilities for customization. You should always do your research before buying your parts, and be absolutely sure you are dealing with an honest-to-goodness parts person who knows his/her choppers. Although some of them chopper parts would seem a bit pricey, they definitely serve to highlight the beauty and individuality of these lovely machines.

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