The Need For Protection When It Comes To The Club Patch

Every now and again a question arises as to why The Cheap Place and other patch dealers don’t sell motorcycle club patches at the retail level. It’s a legitimate question when you consider that there are lots of casual bikers and patch collectors that don’t know much about motorcycle clubs. But for those who belong to a club, being able to purchase a club patch at a retail outfit is tantamount to insulting the club.

Those who belong to these motorcycle clubs often refer to their patch as the ‘colors’~The patch of a motorcycle club is also called the ‘colors’ by many of the members. The colors of a club are to be worn publicly by club members only. And most of these clubs have particular rules in place as to the kind of behavior that they find acceptable by those wearing the colors. For example, a motorcycle club whose purpose is to support the sobriety of recovering alcoholics would consider it inappropriate to be consuming alcohol while wearing club colors.

Earning of the Club Patch

Each motorcycle has its own rules and procedures but one thing that they generally have in common is the fact that it order to earn the club patch, new members will have to pass a particular procedure or earn the patch. For some clubs this simply means being faithful to all club meetings and activities for specified amount of time. It could be that the club you want to join will require you to pass certain tasks. A provisional member may be allowed to wear a similar looking patch until he or she completes the requirements for full membership.

The reason retail patch dealers do not sell motorcycle clubs is because it would mean that nobody would ever have to earn their clubs patch because they could simply go out and buy it. Not only would this be insulting to the motorcycle club, it would also water down the value of becoming a club member. If you know nothing else about motorcycle clubs, know this: bikers are very loyal individuals who take their commitments to their club and their fellow bikers seriously. If you could buy these club patches instead of earning them, then it would be no surprise that the members would feel less loyal.

Giving a Club Patch Back to the Club

What happens with club patches when a member leaves is another thing that is decided by the club rules. Almost every club requires members to return his or her patch if they are being dismissed for any reason which leaves them no longer in good standing. By doing this, the club can protect its reputation.

Some clubs allow members who have been with the organization for a long period of time to hold onto their patch as a souvenir. There is one club that allows members to keep their patch if they have been with the club for ten years or more before leaving. These individuals are requested to keep the patch at home and not wear it publicly.

There’s more to protecting the club patch then we’ve talked about in this article. You can find out so much more about it online if you want.

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