Tires for All Seasons

There are many choices in tires and it can be difficult for some to decide what is best. Some people prefer to use all season tires that they can have on their vehicle throughout an entire season. Others prefer to have tires made specifically for rain during the rainy season, and snow tires during snowy seasons. When deciding which is best for you, there are a few factors to consider.

First of all, you need to consider the area in which you live and what the conditions are. If you typically only drive in light snow a few times a year, all season tires are likely to be best for you. If you live in an area where it might be raining one day and bright and sunny the next, you’ll also want to choose all season tires.

You’ll also want to consider your vehicles performance. If you use your car just to drive to and from work and use major roads and highways, you probably only need all season tires. Those who drive through large snow banks or are constantly driving on unsalted roads covered in ice are the type of people who would benefit most from snow tires.

If you do live in a snowier area but don’t want to have to change your all season tires out with snow tires during the winter, you can consider adding chains on the days that you plan to do heavy driving through the snow. For many people, this is a better option than replacing their all season tires for months out of the year. Just be sure that you look into the laws in your area, as some counties and cities have rules about adding snow chains or studs to all season tires.

All season tires are made specifically to handle light snow. They can still provide the traction you need when driving in moderately snowy and icy conditions. When you’re considering choose snow tires versus all season tires, stop to think about how often you actually drive in extremely adverse conditions. The bottom line is that you want to be safe, but you also don’t want to add unnecessarily expense and hassle if it’s not necessary.

For most people, all season tires will meet their needs. If you typically drive on major roads that are cleared of ice and snow soon after a snow storm, your all season tires should provide the traction you need.

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