Why Select A Battery Tender Over A Charger?

A battery tender charger is a perfect battery charger for charging all 6-volt lead acid batteries, both flooded or maintenance free. It is totally spark proof during lead connection and has adequate protection against reverse polarity. It comes with a full five years warranty. The battery tender charges your car battery in three step charging process. They include initial charge, bulk charge, and float modes.

Whatever type of battery you have and for whatever purpose whether for motorcycles, cars, recreational vehicles, marine units, lawn and garden equipment, farm equipment, industrial equipment units, electric vehicle units, telecom and standby equipment, all these and more will benefit from the use of a battery tender. Some of the most commonly used battery tender battery chargers used by many motorcycle owners include 12V battery tender junior @0.75A, 6V Battery Tender @0.75A, 12V Battery Tender Plus @1.25A, and waterproof Power Battery Tender among others.

A lot of Recreational vehicle units benefit from the use of different types of battery tenders including Battery Tender Plus 12V @ 1.25A, Waterproof Power Battery Tenders, and waterproof battery tender plus 12V@5A. There are different types of battery tender units for basically all your battery charger needs. Why is it important to use a battery tender instead of the regular battery charger. These types of battery chargers come with special features specifically designed to completely charge several styles of lead acid batteries without causing potential risks and damages which other types of battery chargers may cause. All types of battery tender battery chargers offer similar important features and characteristics which make these types of chargers frequently sought after by different types of users.

Battery Tender Junior 6V Battery Tender Junior 6V Battery Charger output voltage is 6V and the output current is 0.750A the software incorporated in the device is for 3 step charging of standard batteries and AGM batteries. It works at 120 V AC current and with a frequency input of 60 Hz. This product is highly recommended by many users for its easiness of installing and charging. The charging is completed within minutes and it is notified by indicators.

Why is it beneficial to have a battery tender which is small and lightweight? Despite its small package, this type of charger still offers the highest charging power density among different other types of battery chargers. The compact design is most advantageous especially if you will use this in small spaces or will be frequently transporting this to different locations. An indicator on the other hand is really important. This allows you to take note of the charging process. One of the most interesting features of a battery tender is its ability to draw very minimal current from the battery when the AC power is disconnected. A regular battery charger doesn’t often come with this important characteristic. Finally, keep your battery from going dead by using a battery tender. This also prevents the sulfating of lead plates in many batteries due to long inactivity or due to partial or complete power drain.

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